Early Spring Carrot Hunt

Puppy Sweet Pea

About Hunt Terriers
The Hunt Terrier is a breed that can be considered both old and new; old because it can be traced back several centries to the British Isles through books and paintings as a dog that was commonly seen around farms in England, Ireland, Germany, Holland as a working terrier, they also played a part as foundation stock in what has become known as the Jack Russell Terrier today, as well as a number of other breeds. By the 20th Century, these terriers were near extinction, until a small number of breeders in Ireland and England developed an interest and continued to breed them. Over the last few decades they slowly crossed the Atlantic to America to a small number of breeders in the US, and are quickly gaining in popularity, as a small, compact terrier. To find out more about these wonderful terriers, visit American Hunt Terrier Club Association.


Hunt Terriers, aka Black & Tan Jack Russell Terriers


Meet Appletini, the newest addition to our gang. Apple has a gorgeous red coat, excellent conformation, is intelligent and super sweet, a perfect little package and we couldn't be more thrilled with her. A big Thank You to Judy Gabbard for such a great puppy. Apple will be registered with AHTCA.

Hobbit Hill's Sweet Pea - Female. Sweet Pea is extremely intelligent, outgoing, and a quick learner. Thank you Karen Adams, for parting with her. AHTCA registered.




Acorn Acres' Jazzy - Female. Jazzy is super sweet and friendly. Thank you Judy Gabbard for a letting us have her. AHTCA registered.



Shor's Toby - Male, Irish import. Toby has an excellent disposition, a real sweetheart. We are thrilled to have him. AHTCA registered.



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