Marisa Miranti with J.R. 1981 marisa&JR
 Marisa Miranti with J.R. early 80's marisa&Tiny
 Marisa with TinyTyke 2004, 8th generation decendant of J.R.marisa&phoebe
 Marisa with Phoebe 2008, daughter of Tiny Tyke


Our Dogs

The Jack Russell Terrier is an active dog; a big dog compressed into a little dog's body. It was originally bred to be a hunting dog - compact enough to follow a fox into a hole.

They are loyal, dedicated, affectionate; they live to please and know how to have fun; they're intelligent, curious, which make them extremely trainable, but they also require a great deal of exercise, supervision, and a fair amount of disipline.

We've worked closely together over the decades, starting with producing a foundation stock of typey short legged JRTs with a great temperament and trainability, and went on to breed and raise adorable, healthy, good family pets.

Since the early 1980's, many of our dogs have appeared in movies, TV shows, greeting cards, magazines, editorial articles, various ad campaigns, as well as representing the breed in many books on Jack Russell Terriers.

Our dogs are our pets first and foremost. We are not commerical breeders, nor do we broker puppies bred by other breeders. We breed a few selective litters a year at the most.

Our puppies are handled daily from birth, and start age-appropriate "training" early on, such as housebreaking, leash-training, basic voice commands, and socializing with people and other household pets, even horses. Most of our puppies are already pros at being walked on a leash, come when called, , used to meeting new people, and near complete housebroken by 7-8 weeks of age.

Many of our dogs went on to great homes throughout the United States as well as Europe

A number of present day breeders started with Tall Trees and Shor's dogs as their foundation stock, as well as adding our dogs to their existing lines -- Our special Thanks to Frank Bradford of Meadowbrook Terriers, who use our dogs in his breeding program - Tall Trees' Carter and Mitchell's Holly, Thanks also to Sue Sobel of Foxfield Terriers, for using three dogs we bred in her breeding program -- Simon, Coco, and Biscuit.



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